Maurice MAHIEU


Engineer (IRHC) at the Animal Research Unit, INRA Antilles-Guyane Centre, since 2000, he developed an Integrated management of gastrointestinal parasitism of small ruminants in grazed systems in the humid tropics.

Since 2010: Following the implementation of plans to control the level of contamination by chlordecone (CLD) of cattle slaughtered in Guadeloupe and Martinique, I have been asked by the State Authorities to draw up a reference framework for the risk of contamination of terrestrial livestock and their products. A first in-farm study in Martinique showed the possibility of decontaminating cattle within a time frame compatible with the breeding systems, and evaluated for the first time the half-life of the CLD for this species (around 6-7 weeks, with strong individual variability). The development of a strong collaboration with UR-AFPA colleagues has made it possible to advance in understanding the mechanisms of contamination and toxicokinetics of the CLD in different species (ruminants and monogastrics) and led to the INSSICCA ANR project.

At the same time, I support the JAFA (Family Gardens) programme, which has initiated a participatory research process with the population of the polluted zone in Guadeloupe, which aims to adopt farming practices that minimise the exposure of consumers of eggs and poultrymeat.

Skills: Animal management in humid tropics (grazing ruminants)

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