A reinforcement for field investigations !


After the participative meetings with the farmers and different professional structures on the two islands during the set up of the project, a new phase has begun, it concerns the WorkPackage4. It consists of surveys of actors (breeders, agricultural profession, experts in zootechnics) in order to (i) characterize the different rearing systems, (ii) to specify, by system, the strategies of animal behavior and associated costs to reflect reality. This field survey aims to collect the empirical material for describing the biological and economic variables that characterize a livestock system and its management. This work is the first step of a modeling exercise (viability model) which aims to determine the set of strategies to be observed in terms of choice of species and practices to guarantee the marketing of healthy meat, necessary condition of sustainability of livestock in the French West Indies. These surveys will be conducted simultaneously on both islands. In Guadeloupe, Colombine Lesage, research engineer in fixed-term contracts at Paris Dauphine University and welcomed at INRA Petit-Bourg (UE PEYI), will lead the field study. In Martinique, it is Ellen Laclef, in engineer training period, who will benefit from the reception and the support of the Group of Defense Sanitary (GDS972) to carry out the investigations.



Ellen Laclef

Colombine Lesage

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